Personal Pitches

A Personal Pitch is a short statement in which you make a personal – or business, of course – point. One minute. You’ve probably been doing this more often, preparing content for LinkedIn or for a job interview. Nothing new so far?

Well, the technique we are going to be using, is new. A so-called light board. A simple glass plate, illuminated by LED’s that light up the fluorescent ink. Ideal as a visual support for your message, because now you are looking at your writing together with the audience. A huge difference with a power point or a white board. This is what it looks like:

During the session, which typically lasts a morning or afternoon, you’ll start by figuring out what it is exactly that you want to convey here. You’ll be trying out your message on other participants and of course you’ll get some coaching here, too.

The next step is working on the visual support: what should your image look like after the pitch? Remember you’ve got only one minute to create it.

After this, you are ready for the final step: behind the light board. We’ll prep you on the basics, but we’ve learned that the more spontaneous you can be, the more authentic you come across. And that is exactly what we’re after. Authenticity.

Interested? Well then, contact us!