Motivation workshop

“AI was impressed by the way the interaction was conducted. [Ralph] succeeded not only in making a clear point, but also in moving the audience to get really engaged.”

“I particularly found the combination between music – silence – authenticity, remarkable.”


Why do people do the things they do?
What drives them?
Why do I take certain decisions?
What are the consequences?
How do I get into contact with my true motivation?

These are questions that touch on every part of our existence. In this workshop we are going after some answers. No truth-telling, but a sincere look inside. The answers are to be found there.

Ralph has gained a lot of insight into this subject in the course of his work as a musician and as an assistant professor at Utrecht University. Motivational theories and research into those greatly interest him. An organiser of career events once wrote, that Ralph is the perfect person to give such a workshop, because he “somehow manages to find a way to sonsistently do whatever inspires or motivates him most.”

The viola da gamba plays a crucial role within the workshop. It builds bridges between the outer world and the inner self. It makes easier the transistion between our daily existence and the necessary space of openness, creativity, and contemplation. It also assists in finding the personal questions of the participants.

On the basis of the desires of the participants, different approaches can then be used to find directions for answering those questions.

Video interview here: eventplanner

The workshop can be given in Dutch or in English. Photo: @DUTZU Photography 2017.


Mapping out your road as a science professional

a 2-day retreat

When you are about to finish or just finished your PhD, you find yourself at a unique crossroads. You have accomplished the highest level of education that the academic world has to offer. You have shown that you master a great number of skills, that you are able to function in the front line of your particular science discipline. If you have done a postdoc, you may have added even more years to your professional experience.

But then what?

For many researchers this crossroads is a particularly challenging one. Sure, the academic world offers opportunities, but these are limited in scope and number and today’s world is so much, much bigger. Therefore, we strongly feel that the end of your life as a PhD student or postdoc is worthy of some extra time and space to reflect on the way ahead.

Your road as a science professional.

We, Chiat Cheong and Ralph Rousseau invite you to a two-day retreat to do just this. You will be challenged to think outside of the familiar boxes, to take a fresh look at the skills that you have mastered and at the ways you may want to deploy them. Your road map may well turn out to be a very unconventional one. So: do you dare to live your true capabilities?

The retreat will be held at a beautiful and quiet place in the center of the Netherlands. The programme will include:

Getting acquainted with your real skills.
Taking a new look at the possibilities that are open to you.
Analyzing your motivational drive.
Following your intrinsic motivation.
Finding answers to some deeper life questions.
Preparing a plan with the very concrete first steps of your unique journey.

Click the following link below for more info:
Mapping out your road

The retreat will host a maximum of 25 attendees. The program will be entirely in English.